Get to Know Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Your vehicle encounters hazards every time you hit the road, causing scratches, scrapes, and minor damage to your paintwork. Over time, your car’s coat ends up peeled, cracked, faded, and discoloured. That’s where paint protection film steps in.

Paint Protection Film (PFF) offers near invisible protection against scratches, scrapes, and cracks - and we’ll show you just how valuable it can be.

Let’s be honest, nothing cuts as deep as the first scratch on your car’s paintwork. Unfortunately, everyday wear and tear pose a constant threat to your vehicle’s exterior. Paint protection film offers near-invisible, high-gloss barriers between your car’s paint and, well...everything.

At Peninsula Tint & Paint Protection, we’re proud to supply leading XPEL paint protection film (the most advanced paint protection product on the market). So if you’re keen to protect your car against rocks, road debris, gravel, and more, read on to find out how.

ppf mid-application

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint protection film is a virtually invisible urethane film that acts as a barrier between your vehicle’s paint and hazards, both on the road and in the environment. With the benefit of protection and cosmetic security, PPF helps keep your car looking new for longer by defending it from damage. It also protects vulnerable parts of your car that are most susceptible to paint damage - including the hood, side-view mirrors, and fenders.

If you’ve ever pulled into your driveway and found an unexplained chip or scrape in your car’s bodywork, you’ll know how valuable an extra line of defence against the environment is. No matter how careful you are behind the wheel, there is a range of things you’ll want to protect against.  

Bug splatterBird droppingsSwirl marksPaint chipsMinor abrasionsRoad debris

With the potential to stand up to the hazards of the road, investing in paint protection is a no-brainer. But here’s the catch - not all paint protection films are created equally.

Are All Paint Protection Films the Same?

No (far from it).

Just as there’s a difference in quality between automotive window tinting teams, there are dozens of paint protection films on the market - and some are more effective than others.

We understand that you need to balance your budget with the strength of your chosen PPF, which is why we recommend XPEL paint protection films for all Mornington car owners. XPEL are industry leaders and set the benchmark in self-healing paint protection film with the glossiest, longest-lasting, and most durable paint protection film on the market. 

XPEL has the most comprehensive library of patterns and innovations available with software that ensures accurate and precise fitment (inc. 80,000 patterns) so no cutting actually takes place on your vehicle’s paint.


XPEL RX has been specially formulated to resist the growth of microbes on its surface, guarding against degradation from microorganisms. This protective film is treated with anti-fungal agents and contains zinc pyrithione to inhibit microbe growth.

XPEL STEALTH has been formulated to preserve your car’s factory finish with an enhanced coat that eliminates fine scratches and swirl marks when exposed to heat. Wash and dry your car with XPEL REPAIR without damaging its sheen.

5 Benefits of Paint Protection Film

If you’re going to invest in PPF, it helps to know what you’ll be getting in return. Thankfully, the answer is “plenty”. Read on for some of the most exciting advantages of paint protection film.

#1 - Stunning finish

Paint protection film is, first and foremost, a defensive shield for your car. This reduces impact damage from rocks and road debris while preventing premature aging, fading, cracking, and discolouration. The result is a sleek and polished aesthetic available in gloss or matte finish that looks stunning.

#2 - Instant healing against minor scratches

Small nicks and scrapes are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean they’re long-lasting. Most PPF products have self-healing properties that actively reduce the appearance of scrapes and swirl marks when heated. When nanotechnology can fill minor scratches, it’s easier to enjoy your time on the road.

#3 - Lasting UV protection

Everyone knows UV rays can be harmful to human skin but are you protecting your vehicle against harmful UV rays too? The ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun oxidise and fade vehicle paint, leaving your car aged before its time. PPF offers a heat shield that blocks UV rays and gives you that “fresh paint” look for longer.

#4 - Prevents wear and tear

Paint protection guards against the unavoidable hazards of the road. From UV rays to acidic bugs, rock chips, and scratches, the innovative ‘self-healing’ finish of PPF keeps your car as good as it looked when it rolled off the lot. Even better, with less need for repairs and bodywork, you save money.

#5 - Superior protection against chemicals and corrosion

Paint protection films are infused with three separate layers, each adding advanced strength against chemical and corrosive damage. Acidic corrosion from bird droppings, bugs, and other contaminants is countered by innovative technology that protects against stains and swirl marks, with a film formulation that’s nearly invisible.

Looking for more advanced protection?

Back in 2011, XPEL revolutionised the industry with the world's first self-healing paint protection film. Now, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS raises the bar once again with an unparalleled, high-performance, high-gloss finish and improved impact protection for enhanced durability — the most advanced paint protection film on the market. 

ULTIMATE PLUS is designed to provide you with the peace of mind you need on the open road, keeping your vehicle's surfaces safe from gravel, oils, bug acids, bird droppings, paint chipping, and more. Available in three different thicknesses, our PPF experts can help you protect your vehicle whether you’re on the highway, the driveway, or off-road.

stealth example PPF

full completed ppf

Signature features include:;

✔ Heat-activated self-healing top coat

✔ Non-yellowing film formulation

✔ Stain and discolouration resistant

✔ Prvents everyday wear and tear

✔ Edge-sealing technology (prevents lifting and delamination)

Interested in learning more about your XPEL options? Click here to speak to a member of the Peninsula Tint & Paint Protection team today.

Peninsula Tint & Paint Protection Are Your Local XPEL Experts

All XPEL films are built to last the test of time and backed by a 10-year comprehensive warranty. If you’re looking to protect your car’s paint, our XPEL dealers are factory-trained and accredited, and we’re happy to tailor an individualised package for you at Peninsula Tint and Paint Protection.

So, are you ready to keep your car looking brand new for longer?

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