Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle with the XPEL, the most advanced paint protection film (PPF) on the market. Enjoy innovative self-healing properties that smooth out light scratches and swirl marks as a result of washing, drying or everyday driving.

Looking for an advanced form of paint protection? Clear coating is often used to provide a defense against the elements, but over time this coating can become cracked, discoloured, scratched or oxidised.

As a truly invisible barrier, paint protection film installed by our factory-trained and experienced team delivers protection without compromise - a perfect finish without scratches, seams, ripples or wrinkles.

✔ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

✔ Exclusive Dust-Free Tinting Studio

✔ Latest Range Of Tint Technology

✔ Over 17 Years Of Premium Service

We proudly supply XPEL's leading paint protection film - consisting of up to 5 layers of ultra-thin polyurethane - adding a transparent surface layer to protect your car's clear coat and paint to ensure no permanent damage is sustained. Just as you wear sunscreen to protect your skin, use paint protection film to safeguard your car and keep it in showroom condition for years to come.

Partial Front Package

prices from $2,000

Full Front Package

prices from $2,700

Drivers Package

prices from $3,500

Full Body Protection Package

prices from $6,500

Proud XPEL Paint Protection Film Suppliers

We use XPEL's design access program (DAP), which has a comprehensive platform of over 80,000 patterns to ensure the fit of the film is accurate, efficient and cut to the exact specs of your vehicle. 

We understand every vehicle is unique. That's why we take the time to understand your needs over offering a “one size fits all” service that ends up fitting no one. Choose from a striking gloss or matte finish to suit your vehicle's factory paint, with various protection packages available and tailored to your vehicle's needs. 

Looking for full coverage? Not a problem. Prefer partial area coverage to protect against rock chips and acidic bugs? We've got a custom service to suit.

Looking to protect your performance car or family vehicle? Consider combining a high-grade PPF with a quality Car Ceramic Coating for unbeatable results.

Paint Protection Film Benefits

Clear automotive paint protection provides the same layer of security for your car as sunscreen does for your skin. Utilising nano-technology, you can protect your vehicle's paint job to preserve its overall look and feel, while still enjoying your time on the road. 

So, what are the benefits of paint protection film?

✔ Promotes 'New Car' Look

PPF provides a lasting protective layer over your vehicle's paint, which protects against sun damage and discolouration. Enjoy your car with a polished, gloss or matte finish to enjoy the 'new car' aesthetic for longer.

✔ Zero Special Requirements

Despite its lasting protective power, XPEL clear paint protection requires zero special care or maintenance. Wash your car as you normally would and enjoy the benefits year after year without changing your routine.

✔ Superior Environmental Protection

Paint protection guards against the unavoidable hazards of the road. From UV rays to rock chips and scratches, PPF offers innovative “self-healing” capabilities with light scratches forming back to clear over time.

✔ Save On Repairs

Prevention is the best form of defence for your car's paint and exteriors. With PPF helping to keep your car safe and damage-free, you spend less on regular maintenance and scratch repair, and keep more money in your pocket.

Protect Your Vehicle from Road Debris With Paint Protection Film

It's tempting to opt for a conventional paint protection film to save a few dollars. But under real world conditions - the type that sees your car on the road every day - these PPF options quickly show scratches and yellowing.

Indistinguishable from factory paint, XPEL is perfect to maintain maximum resale or trade-in value, or as superior impact protection between your car and the road. However you plan to use your vehicle, there's no need to stress about splotches or stains, while light scratches slowly dissipate in the warmth of your own garage.

Every scratch on your vehicle hurts, so skip the stress with our leading XPEL paint protection film installation. Offering industry-leading toughness, you can keep your car looking newer for longer and protect against anything the road throws your way.

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