Car Ceramic Coating

Keep your car's paint in perfect condition year after year with the Mornington's leading car ceramic coating technology and team.

UV. Sun damage. Bird droppings. Everyday dirt and grime.

Prices from $1,500

Your vehicle is constantly battling the elements. Over time these irritants can leave your paintwork damaged and stained, no matter how often you resort to waxing and cleaning. Car ceramic coating provides the layer of paint protection you need to repel water, dirt and environmental factors that age your car prematurely.

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Forget daily washing and cleaning your vehicle to try and keep that pristine, new-car look. The best and most durable form of protection is your own ceramic barrier with a super hydrophobic surface that bonds with your paint and actively repels contaminants and minor damages.

Composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles within a nanoscopic paint treatment, ceramic coating is applied in liquid form before curing to form a hardened, clear shell over your vehicle's paint. The resulting candy-like gloss barrier forms a stunning, slick finish that makes cleaning as simple as a wipe down.

How to Choose the Best Car Ceramic Coating in Melbourne

You love your vehicle, but no amount of washing or waxing can protect against inevitable stains, swirl marks and paint chips. Even worse, grime, dirt and water spots can accumulate after each wash, leaving your car looking tired and aged.

The solution? Ceramic car coating installed by your local Peninsula Tint & Paint Protection experts. Expect exceptional gloss and slickness are the hallmarks of our professionally applied car ceramic coating. While the process may sound similar to waxing or sealant, ceramic protection uses innovative nanotechnology to fill tiny pores within your car's paint.

The result? An active shield against the elements, with a hydrophobic finish repelling water and keeping your car clean for longer. If you're considering car ceramic coating in the Mornington Peninsula, consider the following factors before you make your choice:

Strength Rating: Ceramic coating is available in varying degrees of hardness. This will impact the level of protection on your vehicle. Leading ceramic coating has a 9H rating (which is 1600% harder than traditional paint protection), so speak to our car protection specialists to find the right strength level for you.

Brand Reputation: Backyard cowboys and unlicensed yahoos often use underperforming paint protection coatings that fail to deliver results. At Peninsula Tint & Paint Protection we partner with leading brands to provide lasting protection.

Choose The Experts: YouTube will tell you that DIY car ceramic coating is possible, but the best option is to trust your vehicle to an experienced local team. Avoid unsightly streaks and applicator marks as well as ensure full protection and lasting hydrophobic qualities.

Looking for more ways to protect your car? Discover our Car Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film services today.

Car Ceramic Coating Benefits

You wouldn't want to stand outside in the hot sun for hours without protection, why should your car be any different? Ceramic coating gives your paint a form of lasting protection, but that's not the only benefit of this valuable polymer sealant.

So, what are the benefits of ceramic coating?

✔ Save Hours Of Work

Daily washing. Monthly waxing. Sealant application. These maintenance tasks take up your valuable time and leave you sweating in the yard or garage when you could be on the road. Grime and muck comes back day after day, but with water-repellant qualities your vehicle's paint is protected and you can clean with just one wipe.

✔ Paintwork Protection

Your ceramic coat blocks harmful UV rays and slows down the process of oxidation. This extra invisible “shell” protects your paintwork and maintains that “new car” aesthetic for longer. Depending on your choice of brand, ceramic coating can last for years without being washed away - even with the use of chemical cleaners.

✔ Cost-Effective

Vehicle maintenance is expensive (not that we need to tell you). Ceramic coating requires less maintenance and protects your car against chemical staining and muck. Save money on wax, car washes and exterior detailing with a one-off investment that's reliable year on year.

✔ Stunning Appearance

Let's be honest, not every benefit needs to come down to saving time or energy. Ceramic coating for your vehicle is a popular choice among Mornington residents who love their cars for the head-turning appearance it provides. An unmissable glossy sheen offers a pristine finish, with sunlight glistening off every surface.

Vehicle Surface Science at Its Best

When you choose Peninsula Tint & Paint Protection you're choosing a jaw-dropping shine, with a rich, glossy coating to match your car, and a premium liquid finish.

We take great pride in our work and remain as passionate as we were 17 years ago in supporting our Bayside and Mornington customers who prefer to spend more time driving, and less time detailing.

No matter what car you drive, we've got the world-class ceramic coating to keep you covered.

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