Office Window Tinting

Cool your office and slash energy costs while improving the look and feel of your workplace. It's all possible with custom office window tinting.

Have your staff been complaining about the heat and glare on their computer screens? No matter what style of office or business you run, we can retrofit cost-effective, efficient and stylish window tints that combine comfort with genuine savings.

When you're running a business you want to control your overheads as much as possible. With tinted office windows offering up to 82% solar energy rejection compared to traditional glass, one call to the team at Peninsula Tint & Paint Protection can slash your next energy bill.

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More than a proven cost-cutting finish, commercial tinting is designed to help your team work more efficiently. Whether you run a small office business or your building is encased in glass, tinted windows reduce glare, making it easier and more comfortable to look at screens.

As your local office window tinting experts we're proud to provide the best quality and widest range of commercial solar window films to ensure your Mornington office is stylish, comfortable and productive.

Save Money with the Mornington's Office Window Tinting Experts

The recommended temperature for a comfortable office is between 21°C and 22°C. With Melbourne's sweltering summers and famously chilly winters, you'll be working your A/C to the limit to provide a cool, comfortable working environment. And that sends your energy bills through the roof.

It's easy to look at an office with darkened tints and see a modern, private space. But by limiting the amount of infra-red light (that's the light that makes an office hot, sticky and uncomfortable) you'll also have a window film that naturally regulates internal temperature.

Even better, by blocking 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays, you protect your office furniture from premature ageing and fading. That reduces the need for costly replacements through slower depreciation costs.

Finally, tinted office windows reduce glare which makes it difficult to focus on computer screens. When your office staff can focus on the job at hand, your team becomes more productive, and your business runs smoothly.

Office Window Tinting Benefits

Commercial window tinting is a great alternative to window replacement, with minimal disruption to your team and a range of exciting benefits that protect your health, your staff and your bottom line.

So, what are the benefits of office window tinting?

✔ Lowers Energy Costs

Tinted window films can reduce the heating effect of the sun by up to 82%. This keeps your office cool in summer, and prevents heat from escaping in winter. The result? Temperature control without the A/C, and lower energy costs towards running your business.

✔ Boost Productivity

Your office is only as efficient as your staff. Unfortunately, sunlight and glare make screen time an uncomfortable and distracting job. With window tint reducing glare your office becomes a happier, more comfortable, and more productive space. 

✔ Improves Look & Feel

Your office is an extension of your business. Darkened window film is available in a variety of contemporary finishes and classic styles to suit the ambience of your workplace, and project an image of professionalism.

✔ Protect Office Furnishings

Harmful UV rays can break down the fabric of office furniture, carpet and furnishings, leading to discoloration and fading. Not only will this require expensive replacement, but if you hold client meetings you'll risk presenting a tired and worn image. Our range of films screen up to 99% of those harmful rays.

Commercial Window Tinting Adds Privacy and Safety

We'd all like to think we're blessed by Lady Luck, but if the worst should happen and there's an accident in your workplace, it's nice to know your glass has a shatter-resistant film that binds broken fragments and prevents splintering.

Improving privacy without limiting lightflow, office tinting helps protect your workspace from prying eyes using innovative one-way film technology to shield your work environment from the outside, while maintaining visibility inside. Our skilled office window tinting Mornington team can also apply film inside your office to create privacy booths or protect meeting rooms in open plan spaces.

When you need a smarter, better office space, start with a call to Peninsula Tint & Paint Protection.

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