Ceramic Coating for Cars:
The Benefits of Ceramic Paint Protection

So, you’ve just bought yourself a new car. It’s got fresh clean paint.
No scratches or dents. That new car smell. It’s your new pride and joy, right?

But you’re worried it’s not going to stay like that. That it will get dirty. That some bird droppings or acid rain will damage the paint. You want to protect it. But you don’t want to break the bank.

There are a few ways to protect your car, from waxes and polishes to regular washing to car covers. These work well, but take time and regular maintenance and you’ve got a busy schedule. You want something quick and easy.

Welcome to the world of ceramic coat.

Where Did Ceramic Coat Come From?

The first iterations of coatings date back to the early 1800s, with the invention of a German wax used to protect the lacquer on horse-drawn carriages. However, it wasn’t until decades later that waxes and coatings became more refined and were introduced into the automotive industry.

As waxes became more popular, manufacturers started to work on a more permanent solution for paint protection. In 2001, Dr. David Ghoudossi founded Optimum Polymer Technologies, allowing him to focus on the development of protective polymers and auto paint formulations entirely. Almost 10 years later, the first nano ceramic coating we know today was born.


So, although ceramic coat has been around for quite some time now, it has really only been perfected over the past couple of years. As this technology has been refined, a huge range of coatings have become available for all applications. Paint, wheels, glass, and even interior: you’ll be sure to find something to keep your car (or boat) protected.


How Does Ceramic Coating for Your Car Work?

Made up of silicon dioxide (SiO2), car ceramic coating chemically bonds to your car’s factory paint creating a super slick, glossy layer of protection that, with its hydrophobic properties, repels water and dirt.

While coatings like wax and other kinds of polishes and protectants sit on the surface of your car’s paint and eventually wear off, ceramic coating bonds to your car’s paint and creates a long-lasting non-stick surface. A ceramic coating for cars is a permanent paint protectant that does not have to be constantly reapplied.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Paint Protection

Before we get into the benefits of ceramic coatings, it’s important to note that ceramic coat paint protection for cars won’t prevent certain types of damage to your car’s paint. It isn’t thick enough to protect your car’s surface from chips or dings, for instance, and your paint will still be able to get scratches and swirl marks. A ceramic coating isn’t self-healing, either; for that feature, you’ll want to try paint protection film.

Car ceramic coatings have lots of amazing benefits, however. Let’s get into some of the reasons you should consider it. A professionally applied ceramic coating for cars can:

  • Create a nonstick surface. One of the biggest benefits of ceramic coat paint protection is that keeps dirt, grime, and bugs from sticking to or staining your paint. This makes it great for protecting your car against the elements. Think of it like a non-stick fry pan. Just like a non-stick pan, it can still get dirty, but will take very little effort to clean compared to a car without a ceramic coat.

  • Protect your car from acid rain. Acid rain is simply rain that is slightly acidic, and while it isn’t noticeable to us humans, when acid rain dries on a car, it leaves behind an acidic residue that can eat away at paint, particular in combination with sunlight. Over time this can lead to rust problems.

  • Protect your car from UV rays. Most of us know how damaging the powerful UV rays from sunlight can be to a car’s paint job. In fact, UV rays are the cause of most of the damage that a car’s paint experiences. Exposure to sunlight fades paint and degrades it, which can eventually lead to cracking and chipping.

  • Give your car a beautiful, long-lasting gloss. Ceramic coating for cars doesn’t just protect the look of your paint, it also enhances it. Ceramic coat gives your car a gorgeously glossy, “just off the car lot” look that doesn’t fade quickly like waxes and polishes do.

No matter what type of car you have, ceramic coating can keep your paint looking beautiful and save you time and effort in cleaning. We’ve seen a growing interest in ceramic paint protection for Teslas, as it helps Tesla owners protect their investment and preserve their cars’ appearance.

Why It’s Important to Find a Great Ceramic Coating Installer

Many auto shops are starting to offer ceramic coat installation, and DIY kits have even appeared in stores that promise to allow anyone to give their car a ceramic coating. Unfortunately, applying a ceramic coat to your car yourself–or giving the job to an inexperienced installer–is a very bad idea.

That’s because ceramic coating application is a tricky process that takes hours of careful work. Because the coat chemically bonds to the car’s paint, each coating must be laid down perfectly evenly. Mistakes can’t simply be wiped off. Even more important is the prepwork, known as paint correction, prior to applying the paint. The car’s paint must be carefully prepped and pristine before the ceramic coat goes on, since the coating will make any imperfections look worse.

All this is why it’s critical to choose an experienced professional to apply a ceramic coat to your car. A bad ceramic coating or careless paint correction can’t be easily redone, so pick someone who will do it right the first time. Peninsula Tint and Paint Protection specialises in car paint protection; we use high-quality products and get it right the first time for a beautiful, long-lasting paint protection.

We all know Melbourne has four seasons in one day, so if you want to keep your car pristine during all weather types with little to no effort, a ceramic coat from Peninsula Tint is for you. Contact us for a quote or to speak with a technician.

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